Bringing traditional music from Bofield to Lwannunda


Introduction to The Latrine (In Ireland We Call it a Whin Bush)

IN rural areas there are No Toilets or running water so latrines are the alternative

It’s a cultural change for sure. Outdoor toilets with a difference. Pit toilets, or pit latrines, are the simplest and cheapest type, minimally defined as a hole in the ground. It’s a communal space with multiple toilets.


Needle in A ………….

Dearer than an Irish passport

Hep B, Rabies X3, Diptheria, teatenus, polio, typhoid, swine flue, etc etc Look at what it costs for one visit and then X 4 or 5.
The United States Centre for Disease Control, CDC has all the details requied.

26 Miles of Cork Countryside

may have to run in Uganda. Here I’m getting a little exercise in Cork. Clonakilty marathon 3:43:49

Sign Of Peace. Cloneycavan man

History in hands

The past is prologue to the future. We must show respect for the dead. What an honour. You should visit National museum of Ireland

Hello hello!

Welcome, welcome welcome. For my first post I’ll write about the place. You all know that Uganda is 4 times the size of Ireland. It’s on the equator, which means that water will go down the plug hole, anticlockwise on one side of the equatorial line and clockwise on the other…………. so they say.

Uganda is a landlocked country in eastern Africa, surrounded by Kenya, Sudan, DR Congo, Rwanda and Tanzania. It is roughly four times the size of Ireland and the supports a population six times that of Ireland. The capital is Kampala, located in southern Uganda. Ireland has had an embassy in Uganda since 1994

I am going to work for the Lwannunda Community Development Centre.

They have a website here:

And the map here shows that, like home, there is enough green for any Irishman.